Cellgate provides her services to several clients. Amongst others Cellgate is the preferred supplier of RTL Nederland and Mobitainment.



RTL Nederland (www.rtlnederland.nl)  runs the television stations RTL 4, RTL 5 and Yorin and the radio stations Yorin FM and RTL FM. RTL Nederland has been using more and more interactive services and in the near future shall introduce even more crossmedial formats.  

Mobitainment (www.mobitainment.nl)  is one of the largest parties in the Netherlands in the field of live chat sms services and runs the late night tv programs Na Sluytingstijd and CupidoTV and the television auction format Shop4Nop.

These two parties ensure Cellgate of a large volume of sms traffic. This is imperitive in order to get the best volume discounts from the mobile telecom-operators. Next to that all sorts of new and innovative solutions are developed, which you as a client can also reap the benefits of.

Also thanks to the volume of these two large clients, Cellgate can offer you very competitive pay out rates. Please contact us en ask for an offer.