The portfolio of Cellgate consists of SMS connections (see 1)
and several SMS applications (see 2).

1. SMS Connection

Direct connections
Cellgate has direct connections to the 5 mobile operators in the Netherlands. The redundant platform guarantees a high availability of your services.

Own (dedicated) or shared shortcode.
You can obtain your own shortcode (4 digit sms number) from Cellgate or lease keywords on a shared shortcode.

The advantage of your own shortcode is that you are not dependant on the availability of keywords and the all messages will be delivered to you. Besides that with your own shortcode you can choose for Premium MO (Mobile Originated) billing, or create and manage you own keywords.

As the monthly costs billed by the mobile operators for dedicated shortcodes are rather high, it's interesting for many companies to use a shared shortcode instead of a dedicated shortcode. You can get one of more keywords on a shortcode (e.g. "win", "file", etc). All incoming messages that start with the keyword that has been assigned to you, will be delivered to your application.

Online statistics.
Through a webinterface you have direct access to the response and revenues of your sms activities. The reports contain:
- An overview of the number of received and sent messages, by keyword, by premium rate.
- An overview of the number of received and sent messages, by mobile operator.

There are several billing possibilities;
- Premium MO (mobile originating) billing: This form of billing is possible when you have your own shortcode. The customer pays for sending a message to the shortcode.
- Premium MT (mobile terminating) billing: The customer pays for receiving a message. For every single message you can decide which premium rate you want to use.
- Bulk SMS: messages that are free for the receiving party.

2. SMS applications

SMS Gateway connection
When you have the expertise to build your own sms applications, then an sms gateway connection is the most flexibel solution. All incoming messages will be sent to your server. When you want to send out a message, your server hails the Cellgate platform, from which we will then take care of the proper handling, delivery and billing of your message.

Cellgate offers you a gateway interface where you can send regular text messages, but you can also send binary messages (ringtones, logo's, wappush).

SMS Quizzes
An sms quiz is an excellent application to generate revenues through SMS. At Cellgate you can configure your own quizzes with 1 or several questions through our webinterface.

SMS Voting
SMS voting is a frequently used concept where interactivity with the target audience can be achieved. Like sms quizzes you can configure your own voting and check the response. With the clear graphs and charts on the webinterface, you have a direct overview in the results of the voting.

SMS2Mail is very practical solution where incoming sms messages can be delivered to you as email. The sender of the sms message can then also receive an automated response message. You can also answer the message through your mailbox and send it as an sms message. This Cellgate application is used amongst others by the DJ's of the radio stations Yorin FM and RTL FM.

SMS subscriberservices
With a subscriberservices your target audience can sign up for a service where they can periodically receive an sms message. Through the Cellgate webinterface you can send messages to all the members of your subscriptionservice.

Customized solutions
Cellgate is also an excellent partner when you have an idea for an sms application, but you don't have the expertise to develope this application yourself. Contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities for such a solution.

SMS content services
Through several partners we can offer ready made services like File SMS, Flits SMS, Logo & Ringtone services, SMS Chat & Dating.

If you are interested in one of our sms services or in our sms applications,
please contact us!